Our Story

About the designer: Mike Christiansen

I grew up surrounded by the eyeglass business – my mom worked for an optometrist for 35 years. The business fascinated me. My first job was with an eyeglass company and while I worked there, I listened to the buying public. I asked questions of the people who purchased our product – “What do you want?” “What would work for you?” I realized that their needs were not being met by the choices they had. 

Armed with years of market research and an abundance of design ideas, I ventured on my own and created Venus Eye Design.  I chose my company name because of the unique qualities of the planet Venus. Venus is the only planet in our solar system doing its own thing while being amongst all others – it rotates backwards; its day is longer than its year; its orbit is a perfect circle – it’s very different from other planets but very relevant as well as being the brightest star in the sky.  These are exactly the properties that I felt were rooted in my company.

When people think of the word “Venus,” something comes to mind that is special – romance, love, light. I want people to feel the same way about my designs. I am on the front lines creating practical but fashionable funky eyewear. I’m setting trends in eyewear every day for my customer’s enjoyment and satisfaction.

I began by wholesaling my designs to retailers across Canada and the initial response was phenomenal.  Today my designs can be found in thousands of opticals across Canada and the US.  In 2007,  I opened my first retail boutique in Edmonton, Alberta to feature the entire Venus collections.  In 2010, the second Venus Eye Boutique opened in Kelowna, BC.  I am still on the front lines creating practical yet fashionable funky eyewear. My designs are setting the trends in the eyewear industry.

My product is unique in that I have a prototype manufacturer. Most eyeglass companies choose what the manufacturer offers and stamp their name on it. My process is the opposite. I make my prototype in slight variations with several color choices. I show them to my customers and get direct feedback from the end user. I then go to the manufacturer and produce the best of the best. As a result, most of my original products are still selling well today – since our inception, none of my styles have been discontinued.

Designing eyeglasses is an artistic endeavour. I get my inspiration from the world around me – I can get an angle for a frame front  from a distinctive building. I designed an entire line on color schemes from old stained glass windows I saw in Montreal – the colors were amazing. I am constantly inspired to design new products.

My vision for the future is to expand worldwide. Over the next years, I plan to open retail outlets in several cities. All my product lines are expanding dramatically.  I love the design aspect of my business – it’s not a job or a career –it’s a passion that courses through my veins. I am excited and inspired every single day to design eyewear that is special and unique for my customers.