Venus Flat

Influenced by the harmonious blend of structure and nature, the Venus flat collection strikes a balance between design and function. Each frame front is crafted from strong yet incredibly light weight material. The temples are either carved from multiple layered laminates which provide complimenting structure for the face or constructed from the same resilient and light weight material as the frame front.

With a multitude of sizes and shapes encompassing this collection, these frames are appropriate for a multitude of face shapes and sizes. Venus Eye Design has changed the game and made new rules for eyewear.  See great! Look Stunning! Live Venus Eye Design.

Venus Flat VF-535 $250.00 Venus Flat VF-534 $250.00 Venus Flat VF-533 $250.00 Venus Flat VF-532 $250.00
Venus Flat VF-531 $250.00 Venus Flat VF-530 $250.00 Venus Flat VF-529 $250.00 Venus Flat VF-528 $250.00
Venus Flat VF-527 $250.00 Venus Flat VF-526 $250.00 Venus Flat VF-525 $250.00 Venus Flat VF-524 $250.00
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Venus Eye Design Product Lines

Neutrino qt-pie M-theory Venus Flat Venus X Sunglasses
Neutrino qt-pie M-theory Venus Venus Flat Venus X Sunglasses