The Neutrino by Venus line of eyewear is founded on the design principles of color and shape. Each frame is a tool used to enhance the natural characteristics of the wearer such as the brow line, eye shape, eye color, the cheek structure or face shape.

The unique design of the temple shapes serves dual purposes. The cut back allows all peripheral  vision to the wearer. As well, the unique lines allow the colors within the laminates to radiate from multiple angles. Color is paramount in the frames. Through intrinsic use of multi-layer laminates on the temples , color intensifies the magnitude of the depth in each layer. Thus creating a cosmic effect when viewed at different angles or in different lights.

Let nature and Venus Eye Design be your guide in finding the perfect blend of balance and symmetry for your style.  Make your life brighter while looking stunning in an exclusive Neutrino by Venus Eye Design frame.

Neutrino VN-301 $350.00 Neutrino VN-302 $350.00 Neutrino VN-303 $350.00 Neutrino VN-304 $350.00
Neutrino VN-305 $350.00 Neutrino VN-306 $350.00 Neutrino VN-307 $350.00

Venus Eye Design Product Lines

Neutrino qt-pie M-theory Venus Flat Venus X Sunglasses
Neutrino qt-pie M-theory Venus Venus Flat Venus X Sunglasses