Venus X

The edgy Venus X collection features ultra-thin light weight styles in an assortment of palate pleasing colours. The frame collection has some of the most distinctive shapes in the eyewear industry today.  Minimalist yet incredibly fashion forward, the styles set and push the trends for modern eyewear. 

Venus Eye Design creates the style, the edge, the happiness that surrounds every Venus look.  Venus Eye Design fits your lifestyle.  Be you!  And never be afraid of looking good! 

Venus X VX-211 $350.00 Venus X VX-210 $350.00 Venus X VX-209 $350.00 Venus X VX-208 $350.00
Venus X VX-207 $350.00 Venus X VX-206 $350.00 Venus X VX-205 $350.00 Venus X VX-204 $350.00
Venus X VX-203 $350.00 Venus X VX-202 $350.00 Venus X VX-201 $350.00

Venus Eye Design Product Lines

Neutrino qt-pie M-theory Venus Flat Venus X Sunglasses
Neutrino qt-pie M-theory Venus Venus Flat Venus X Sunglasses