Creating the foundation for Venus eye design are the Venus plastic collection. Based on eye catching patterns and an eccentric use of color, this collection of frames includes small and intrinsic shapes to chunky bold designs.

Each Venus plastic frame is sculpted to enhance and intensify the natural curvatures of the face.  The intentional use of complimentary and opposing color schemes celebrate the uniqueness of the individual. The Venus line is often thought of as architecture for the face - creating the groundwork for the creation of a strong statement that can be made of the wearer's distinctiveness.

Look younger, healthier and happier with the right pair of Venus frames. With the proper color, shape and size great things can be achieved for your look and your lifestyle.

Venus V-53 $250.00 Venus V-52 $250.00 Venus V-51 $250.00 Venus V-50 $250.00
Venus V-49 $250.00 Venus V-48 $250.00 Venus V-47 $250.00 Venus V-46 $250.00
Venus V-45 $250.00 Venus V-44 $250.00 Venus V-43 $250.00 Venus V-42 $250.00
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Venus Eye Design Product Lines

Neutrino qt-pie M-theory Venus Flat Venus X Sunglasses
Neutrino qt-pie M-theory Venus Venus Flat Venus X Sunglasses