The qt-pie by Venus collection is constructed with the awareness  that today many children want fashion forward eyewear that mimic the ones their parents or older brothers and sisters wear.  The availability of these chic frame styles for kids has them yearning to wear glasses more than ever before. Not just a line of children's eyewear, qt-pie is also a favorite for petite faces of all ages.  It's trendy, savvy styles and intense and fun use of color holds limitless possibilities for the wearer regardless of age. Balance and symmetry will allow you to look your best.  With the use of natural colors, Venus Eye Design can help create the perfect frame to enhance your features and make you look the best you can in amazing eyewear. LOOK your best!  FEEL your best!  WEAR Venus Eye Design. 

qt-pie VK-440 $350.00 qt-pie VK-441 $350.00 qt-pie VK-439 $350.00 qt-pie VK-438 $350.00
qt-pie VK-437 $350.00 qt-pie VK-436 $350.00 qt-pie VK-435 $350.00 qt-pie VK-434 $350.00
qt-pie VK-433 $350.00 qt-pie VK-432 $350.00 qt-pie VK-431 $350.00 qt-pie VK-430 $350.00
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Venus Eye Design Product Lines

Neutrino qt-pie M-theory Venus Flat Venus X Sunglasses
Neutrino qt-pie M-theory Venus Venus Flat Venus X Sunglasses